Welcome to the Fine Art of Fred Schollmeyer

A Basic Overview of the Painting Process

Each artwork begins with a series of reference photos and sketches of a particular subject. These are refined to one final drawing, which is then transferred to acid-free illustration board or canvas.

Paintings that require sharp edges in the composition are achieved by using frisk film. It’s applied to the support and an x-acto knife is used to cut through the film. This film is later removed and reapplied in various combinations as the paint is applied. Artwork with soft edges is done with freehand airbrush without the use of frisk film.

After the acrylic paint is mixed in containers the painting begins. Airbrushes used are an Iwata HPC and a Custom Micron B. The paint is sprayed in layers working light to dark. If frisk film is used, it is removed after all the airbrush painting is completed. As a final step, conventional brushes are used for small details.